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Someone Give Kristen Carter a Wand, Because She’s a Wizard!

Oct 5, 2015

Happy Monday, friends!

This past weekend was actually relaxing. We got to shoot a gorgeous wedding on Friday (the blog is coming tomorrow!!), we spent time in the hot tub, we watched our latest Netflix obsession (Person of Interest - it’s SO GOOD and ADDICTING), took the kids to go see the musical Cats, did a walk-thru at a new venue for us (Spencer’s in Palm Springs) … it was basically an amazing weekend (minus the rescheduled engagement session due to this crazy rain system that rolled into Southern California on Sunday).

But you know what we weren’t doing? Stressing. Worrying. Burying our noses deep into PhotoShop.

We COULD have been totally stressing over some technically difficult editing, but we weren’t. Not even a little bit. Why’s that? Because we outsourced some editing for the first time in 5 years and we just HAVE to tell you guys all about our experience with

Kristen Carter of Carter Retouching.

If there’s nothing else we have learned about being in business, we’ve at least learned this: outsource what you’re simply not AMAZING at. We outsource our taxes. We outsource our logo design. We’ve outsourced website and blog design. We simply just aren’t amazing at these things … and that’s okay!

carter retouching, before and after retouching

Now don’t get us wrong … Between the two of us, we can do some pretty awesome wizardry when it comes to photoshop, but sometimes - things are just outside what we lovingly refer to as our “realm of awesome.” And spending what would have taken us HOURS - carefully removing some DJ equipment from some treasured family photos - was definitely NOT how we wanted to spend our weekend!

It was like destiny. We were reaching out to various editing companies - asking for referrals from friends in the industry … and getting crazy ridiculously high quotes for the job. And then, something popped up in our news feed on Facebook … our dear friend and mentor, Stella Reynoso, was raving about this awesome photographer and photo editor who was looking to pick up some extra work. So we reached out to Kristen, and let us tell you guys in our best Hagrid impersonation …

She’s a Wizard

We’ve never felt so good about outsourcing something before. Kristen was fast, efficient and incredibly well-priced. Not to mention, she’s a wizard with PhotoShop … and definitely someone we will sing about from every rooftop, and lovingly refer out to anyone looking for some awesome retouching skills.

Here are just a couple more before and after shots she touched up for us … amazing, right?!

photoshop before and after


So if you need a little magic to happen on some of your photos, reach out to Kristen (let her know you heard about her from us!). Trust us - she’s amazing!



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  1. Misty Adams Christensen

    October 5th, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Wow!! It’s amazing to me how some people have the patience for little things like this! She did an amazing job! And outsourcing is SO freeing!!!

  2. Jill Marie

    October 5th, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    This is great work, you would never know something else was there! And AMEN to the outsourcing!!!

  3. Lee Mitchum

    October 6th, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Shew! I don’t think I could remove those so skillfully!! Yay for outsourcing!!

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