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Our Story

We met in the summer of 2002, just out of high school - full of ideas, hopes and dreams for the future. To say we had a "whirlwind romance" would be putting it mildly - we met, got engaged, had a baby and got married in less than a year! 

And we've been adventuring together ever since.

You see, we're firm believers in love at first sight, in soul mates, and in the little things. Why? Because we've experienced it.

Since 2002, we have always been each others' number one cheerleader and supporter ... and it was in 2008 that this whole photography thing started. Before Randy headed out to Afghanistan for a deployment while he was in the Air Force, he bought Ashley their first DSLR (a Nikon D40) because she loved photography so much, and was always taking pictures of everything. While he was gone, Ashley began learning how to shoot with it and two years later, after they moved to North Dakota, Ashley up and decided one day to start a photography business - just for fun, maybe make a little side money. No big deal, right?

Us on our wedding day, March 3, 2003

Yeah, we had no idea that our "little photography side business" would take us on the adventure of a lifetime, and that wedding photography would become something we are so absolutely and utterly passionate about. Not only are we able to work and travel all over the country and world together, but we are able to tell love stories with our cameras and meet the most amazing people. 

Randy officially joined Ashley shooting weddings full time in 2013, and it's been the biggest blessing in our lives to be able to work and serve our clients together. 

Meet Randy

If I could picture a perfect day, it would be spent drinking coffee, off-roading or hiking, and exploring with my family, watching the sunset at the beach and finishing it off with a carne asada California burrito or some pizza. I love tattoos, and plan to finish up my nautical inspired sleeve in the next couple of years. Vans are my favorite kind of shoes, but I love a good pair of Converse, too. I also never say no to a scoop of peanut butter ice cream!

Meet ASHley

I love coffee and Marvel super hero movies. I have deep wanderlust and would rather drive somewhere than fly anywhere. I can recite entire scenes from Gilmore Girls and Mean Girls, and could easily get lost in a good book series. I love tattoos and believe in the power of words (each of my tattoos include important words or phrases). I love dogs and sunrises, spontaneous road trips and hiking.

Meet the Family

Our kids - Daniel, Katelyn, Sierra + Noah - are pretty much the most awesome people in our world - they inspire our creativity, make us want to be better people, and they've taught us so much about life + love ... and maybe just a little bit about having patience! Haha! 

In addition to our kids, we have a little bit of a backyard farm at home - we have four dogs (Spark Plug, Jacob, Charlie + Kodah Bear), a guinea pig (Thor), a turtle (Sam), a fish (Frank) ... and our most recent addition: 10 chickens! 

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