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Stuck in a blogging rut? Here are 25 blogging ideas!

Jul 15, 2016

We LOVE blogging - mostly because, we LOVE talking. We love sharing, educating and getting people excited about things we’re working on, or people we work with, or just life in general. We could easily sit and talk to someone for an hour that we’ve never met before, and just chat-chat-chat. Okay - maybe mostly that’s Ashley, but Randy’s getting better at it! 😉

Something we see all the time from our fellow photografriends + friendors (as we lovingly refer to our colleagues + friends in the wedding industry) is that they just don’t know WHAT to blog about. Blogging can get a little overwhelming at times, especially when you don’t know what to write about!

Blogs are meant to be three things:

  • Personal

  • Educational

  • Storytelling

And that’s exactly what we use this blog for: everything we do is to meet at least one of those three purposes.

Blogging is vital to businesses’ growth - it’s a revolving door of new portfolio-worthy photos, it’s an opportunity for potential couples to ‘hear’ your voice and get to know your shooting style, and it helps SO MUCH with SEO that we can’t even believe some people don’t blog?!

If you’re stuck on what to blog, we’ve complied a list of 25 things you can add to your blogging calendar today!!

25 Blogging Ideas

    1. Introduce yourself - who you are, include a photo!
    2. If you’re married, talk about why you chose to get married where you did
    3. Introduce your spouse if you’re married - brag on them!
    4. Do a 10 things you don’t know about me!
    5. Blog about your dogs/cats/birds/pets whatever. Post a cute pic to go along, don’t forget!
    6. Blog about your favorite vacation and why you loved it so much
    7. Blog about a travel bucket list. Where do you want to go? Why? What do you want to do there?
    8. Blog your favorite recipes. Take pics! Tell the story behind the recipes, if you have one!\
    9. Blog about what you’ve read lately.
    10. Blog about your workspace, if it’s an official spot. If it’s NOT an official spot, talk about where you DO love to work. Fave coffee shop? Outside, in bed, at the kitchen table, in your favorite comfy spot on the couch? WHY do you work there?
    11. Vendor spotlights!! Go out, take pics, interview them, link back to their websites + social media!!
    12. Ask for guest bloggers - i.e. wedding planners give 3 tips on how to be stress-free on wedding days, caterers can talk about the benefits of a buffet over a plated dinner, DJs can talk about the benefits of a play list, etc.
    13. Give tips on timelines
    14. Do a whole blog about why professional hair + makeup is such an important investment
    15. Talk about why it’s important for the couple to keep an extra set of RSVPs, save the dates, invites and their envelopes
    16. Do “top 10 faves” - first kiss, rings, couples portraits, first dance, shoes, etc.
    17. Do a whole blog about First Looks vs Going Traditional
    18. Do a blog about bouquet and garter tosses
    19. If you’ve ever had a couple do something somewhat unique in a ceremony - do a whole blog on it. i.e.: a foot washing ceremony, a wine ceremony, a sand ceremony, etc. Blog them separately for more content!
    20. Share recent publications! Be sure to include backlinks to the article, as well as the original session or wedding!
    21. Blog about something exciting that happened in your life recently - i.e. did you just buy a new house? Did you get a new car? Did you get to meet someone you look up to? Did you attend a workshop? Are you learning how to do something?
    22. Blog about a recent message from church that really touched your soul.
    23. Blog about what to wear to a wedding as a wedding photographer. Include photos of yourself in action!
    24. Blog about what clients could wear. Make this a series! Feature your clients, and include links to where they got their outfits and explain WHY those outfits were just perfect!
    25. Make a list of your five favorite local restaurants to go on dates to!


Utilize your calendars!! We use iCal for our calendar needs - be it for dinner that night, upcoming sessions, doctor appointments, etc. … and our blogs! Every time we think of something we could blog about, we put it right in our calendar - so we always have an idea for blogging on our designated blog days! Takes all the stress out of thinking of topics!

Also: you don’t have to put a TON of photos in each blog. Even if it’s just one really great photo - that totally works!

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  1. Laura Downing Archer

    July 15th, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Ohhh I SO needed this today! Love these ideas!

  2. Misty

    July 18th, 2016 at 7:50 am

    These ideas are great!!! I always have a hard time thinking of what to write next when I don’t have a session to post! 😉

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